Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology Universit

Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University

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It was also actively involved in the Liberation War of 1971. The Memorial inside the campus commemorating the sacrifice of the freedom fighters who were students of the college.

Olivia is a rising committed member in the fellowship with promising leadership potential. Even as a single mother with a two-year-old son, Olivia is consistent in her attendance of Bible class and Kasaroza home fellowship.

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Johannah started attending the Rushasah home fellowship, learning the Bible, and praying for her husband. Now she testifies that her husband is willing to allow them to go to church which is a change from earlier. We are praying for Gelevazio to come to know and accept Christ in his life. We pray that he will live a responsible life and take care of his family.

  • The man is a carpenter, and the woman works in the gardens to support the children.
  • He thanks the Lord, who saved him andis eager to learn the Word of God.
  • We have nine home fellowships in the surrounding villages.
  • We pray that the Lord will watch over you and your families with His loving kindness.

His prayer request isthat his wife will begin to attend church in addition to her current attendanceat the home fellowship. Cosma is one of the rising young men in our church withexcellent leadership potential, twenty-two, and still single. Cosma is aborn-again Christian and has been in the church from childhood. Now he is a part of the construction teamand leads their morning fellowship.

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Multiple churches contributed food, which lowered the feeding costs. Deuce was a notorious alcoholic in the community at Kabura. He was addicted to alcohol and had tried to overcome this habit several times but failed. He decided to join one of the local churches near his home but still would end up drinking again and again due to the negative influence of his friends. When we started the home fellowship in Kabura, we were joined by Deuce’s second born son, Darius, who was sixteen. God’s Embassy Katobo was organizing inter-fellowship gospel music dance and drama competitions.

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Doreen has been attending a home fellowship at the trading center that is being headed by Gelvase. She has been showing commitment to studying the word of God and has promised to join the church to learn more.

  • Prof. Fazlul Karim was the first Muslim teacher of this college in 1937.
  • Pastor Steve was our leading preacher, and at this event, he announced the starting of a church in this community.
  • Godfrey was an alcoholic that spent most of his money on prostitutes.
  • Queen Victoria was the empress of India from 1876 to 1901.

Fred is an Anglican who attended the fellowship in Nyaburondo once and promised to participate in the Sunday school class to learn more about the Word of God. When we visit his home, he graciously invites the team inside, so they can share God’s Word and pray with him. Our prayer is for Fred to surrender his life to Christ and become a committed born-again Christian. Fred is an Anglican who attended the fellowship in Nyaburondo once and promised to attend the Sunday school class to learn more about the Word of God.

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Joana is a born-again believer and an active member of the Rushasha home fellowship. She usually leads the praise and worship at the fellowship and encourages many village members to attend the service. Her husband is not a Christian, but he is open to her attending church. They have two children, Banabus is two-years-old, and Stuart is three months. Joana and her husband survive by selling labor to the community.

  • A lady whose name is Victoria is being drawn to faith in Christ.
  • There are 129 teachers in this college against 150 posts.
  • Each Tuesday, the church is open for a maximum of seventy people, following the covid-19 guidelines.

Lillian is a born-again believer who is married to a non-believer Elias. The Lord blessed them with four children, two boys and two girls. Steven is their first-born son and studied up to senior one; he was unable to continue school due to the family’s poor financial position. (In Uganda there are seven years of primary school, primary one to seven and six years of secondary school, senior one to senior six).

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She is a young lady in the church who separated from her husband due to misunderstanding and disagreements with her mother-in-law. Due to this conflict, Nasari spent over three years alone with her child and had resolved to get married to another man. She believed there was no way she could ever reunited with her husband.

  • Please continue to pray that the women will stay healthy spiritually and physically and that the Lord will continue to fuel them with His Holy Spirit.
  • However, when she started attending our home fellowship her life changed and she learned that submitting to her husband was beneficial.
  • Elizabeth is one of our church members and a teacher at Graceland Academy and Sunday school.
  • Pray with us, that we may be able to provide a water tank in this community so that people can access clean water.

Jenipher used to be an Anglican, but when we started a home fellowship in Rushasha, she started attending and learning the Word of God. She was always fighting with her husband, and her husband stopped her and the children from going to the Anglican church as he claimed it was a waste of time. However, when she started attending our home fellowship her life changed and she learned that submitting to her husband was beneficial. Jenipher started putting into practice what she was learning from God’s Word and eventually, her husband’s behavior started changing at home. When Jenipher started attending God’s Embassy church service, she thought that her husband would stop her, but to her surprise, he allowed her to go to church with the children. He told her that she had changed and is a better wife at home.

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  • This month we visited 30 homes and shared the word of God with 52 men and 79 women.
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  • The ministers ofthe God’s Embassy churches attended these classes and learned more about theatonement and the knowledge of God.
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  • Now he is a part of the construction teamand leads their morning fellowship.

Pray with us, that we may be able to provide a water tank in this community so that people can access clean water. These visits encouraged the women to connect deeper with the church and to call the church their own because it cares for them. It is an honor to witness to the neighboring communities the love of Christ. Jesus taught, if you love one another, people will know that you are my disciples. Please continue to pray that the women will stay healthy spiritually and physically and that the Lord will continue to fuel them with His Holy Spirit.

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With the drought that affected our communities, many people had no food or seeds to plant when the rains came. With the support of White Fields, we were able to give seed to the saints and the needy around the community. Many thanked God for the ministry of God’s Embassy and for thinking about the poor and those in need. We distributed the seeds through our home fellowships; this act of kindness has given the community fellowship a boost in members. In our culture, there is a belief that every woman must be in the faith of her husband. The majority of women have openly told our church ministers about this same struggle.

  • As an active choir member, Sarah loves to lead praise songs.
  • Recently, there was a burial in the community and they brought a truck to fetch water for the whole burial ceremony.
  • When he returned to the village, he declared the establishment of an Anglican church fellowship in this village.

We are training others to participate in the ministry through meetings and classes. We give opportunities for believers to lead the fellowship and church services.

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We used these home visits to encourage and ground the believers in faith but also to preach the Word of God to the rest of the family. We always do home visit for our church members, but this time around with the support of the visiting team, we carried along a loaf of Bread, corn meal, soap, and a bucket. This package was enthusiastically received in addition to the Gospel preaching. In Uganda, we are in a period of drought, and many homes lack food. This visit to many was an answer to prayer, the team from the USA came with food for the body, the soul, and spirit.

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The Lord is bringing more children and giving us an opportunity to grow them in the truth of the Word of God. We thank God for you, our prayer partners, donors, and supporters through White Fields, without your support we would not have accomplished as much as we have.

School Management System

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  • The memberswho received the trees were excited to grow them as they will become sources offood and income for their families.
  • He is passionate about the Word of God ever since he joined our church and is faithful to attend the Sunday morning foundational Bible classes.
  • She is committed to learning from God’s Word and participating in the church programs.
  • Through the help of White Fields, we have been able to train Sunday school teachers.

Their prayer request is that they may make enough money to send their children to a better school so they can have a better future. The Lord has blessed them with three children ranging from two years old to eleven years old. Flora is actively involved in the Rushasha home fellowship and loves leading praise and worship sessions. Robert is a casual laborer who does any manual work that is available and is not yet a born-again believer. His wife is praying for his salvation and is so grateful that he is not an alcoholic. Flora sells her labor by working in people’s gardens to earn income to sustain her family and keep her children in school.

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It is also a time that I mentor the leaders, upcoming pastors, and church planters. Our second line of leaders are those in the church choir, ushers, and different committee members within the church.

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We have been studying the book of Nehemiah during our Sundaymorning Bible classes. We merged the men and women’s classes when we startedthis new study, and we have reached chapter five. People have been asking questionsincluding, how do I deal with the opposition I face while doing what I havebeen called to do. Nehemiah’s example gives answers including praying,encouraging his team and himself to persist, taking responsibility to guard andprotect the work, and using time wisely. We are thankful that the churchmembers are learning leadership lessons from the book of Nehemiah. John is a man in the community whose life has been changed.

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The men mobilized themselves to raise funds and build a house for one of our members. Samuel is married to Musimenta and they have five children.

We are developing strategies to have the students join us, but the biggest class in school is the 3-5 years range. They cannot walk to the church by themselves, so we bus them to school during the week. We have identified a youth leader and a team to minister to the youth. This committee is to begin planning youth conferences and seminars.

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Clinton is the second-born and is sixteen; he is a student in primary five. Bridget is the youngest and is attending the Sunday children’s class.

He attends the Kigina home fellowship and is the leader of Kingdom Steppers. He is a talented dancer and is passionate about dancing for the Lord. He has been encouraging the youth in Kingdom Steppers to attend practice and perform for the church services. He is an active member in the Sunday youth group at God’s Embassy Katoba.

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